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CAP is a project of the People Serving People Foundation, an independent, non-governmental organisation registered in Thailand.

What we do

Legal Services

CAP represents refugees and asylum seekers at different stages of the UNHCR Refugee Status Determination process. We provide advice on international refugee law, assist with evidence analysis and research on country of origin information, and draft legal documents in support of refugee status determination applications. CAP operates under the Nairobi Code of Ethics.


In collaboration and coordination with legal aid and human rights organisations in Thailand, CAP advocates for the protection of refugees and asylum seekers. CAP strives to promote the protection of the rights of refugees in Thailand, including respect for the principle of non-refoulement, the campaign to end immigration detention, and access to health care, education, and other services in Thailand.  CAP is a member of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network.


CAP conducts orientation workshops to refugees and asylum seekers on protection and the refugee status determination process in Thailand. In addition, CAP provides one-on-one advice sessions to newly arrived asylum seekers. 


CAP provides protection services on a wide range of issues that affect urban refugees, including arrest and detention, child protection, sexual and gender based violence, legal identity, and access to social services.  CAP monitors legal, political, security and other developments that impact on the protection environment of refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand. 

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The primary mission of CAP is to support and advocate for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, to provide advice, representation and protection for people making asylum applications to UNHCR Thailand, and to help empower asylum seekers and refugees to realize their rights in Thailand.  CAP works primarily with the urban refugee population in Thailand.

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